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What is A E?

African Enshin is a dynamic style of karate that blends smooth evasive movement, explosive attacks and powerful takedowns to make an intelligent fighting system.

African Enshin links powerful and effective fighting techniques with Sabaki – the seamless combination of strategic positioning and counter- attacking using fluid and circular movements. By applying this principle (developed by Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara) to modern training methods, African Enshin has taken karate into the 21st century.

The blending of skill, power and spirit with sabaki strategy makes African Enshin karate a challenge suitable for people from all walks of life. Its benefits reach far beyond the physical: African Enshin karate is a way for us to understand and empower ourselves, by developing the mind and body to enhance the spirit.

African Enshin karate is more than a sport; more than an exercise class; more than self-protection. It is a long term process of challenge and dedication that builds physical and mental strength, allowing us to respect everyone yet fear no-one.

Most traditional combat styles teach a face-to-face fighting method. Some simply stand toe to toe and batter away at each other until one gives up or gets knocked down. This is tough, but relies mainly on strength and often leaves the ‘winner’ injured as well. Others seek to finish fights with one ‘perfect’ shot, but in doing so often leave themselves open to counterattack. We believe the best way to fight, particularly for self-protection, is to finish things quickly with a combination of explosive techniques, whilst minimising any damage to ourselves.

The best way to achieve this is by using superior positioning, allowing us to turn, control and unbalance our opponent. This is the basis of African Enshin karate and sabaki strategy, making it very effective for both sport and self-protection. African Enshin is smart fighting; after all, the final weapon is the brain - all else is supplementary.

The name ENSHIN is derived from two Japanese words: en meaning 'open or unfinished circle,' and shin meaning 'heart' or 'inner.' The combination of these two words and their meanings embody the most important aspects of Enshin Karate.

The circle is the essence of the strategy and movement in Enshin Karate. The infinite points on a circle represent the unlimited positions we move to and counter from in meeting an opponent. This circular movement that takes one out of a line of attack and into a position from which he can counter attack is the basis for Enshin Karate technique.

The African Enshin circle is an open circle. It is not complete, although it strives to be. It represents the idea that our challenge is never finished, although we are always working towards making it so. This unfinished state is a source of motivation and it reminds us that perfection is to aimed for even if it cannot be achieved.

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Cape Town Gasshuku

A Gasshuku, under the auspices of the WKO (World Kumite Organisation) was held on the 11-13 of December 2015 in Cape Town.