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African Enshin's Sabaki Method - Karate for the 21st Century

African Enshin karate is unique for its blend of circular strategy and rhythmic punching and kicking attacks combined with sweeping and throwing finishing techniques. African Enshin is particularly well- suited to street encounters against multiple attackers that require the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to different opponents attacking from various angles.

Sabaki...... a Japanese word that means "usefully redirecting a force." It describes breaking a horse or damming a river: turning natural energy into productive force. In African Enshin Karate, it applies to turning an opponent's power and momentum against him. Many African Enshin techniques are based on moving to the outside of an attack, pulling the attacker off-balance and finishing him with a sweep or throwing technique that inevitably puts him on the floor.


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Cape Town Gasshuku

A Gasshuku, under the auspices of the WKO (World Kumite Organisation) was held on the 11-13 of December 2015 in Cape Town.