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Traffic Police 2010

Shihan Trevor Fredericks taught a special seminar to members of the Traffic Police specifically for the 2010 World Cup

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Yes, I certainly am very pleased.  My job function and time management is very demanding. This was a way to work out ( let go of some steam), relax in a way, and best of all, learn self defence tactics.

Who would’ve thought I could do karate at my age…. just kidding!

Trevor, I have to say that I’ve really had an enjoyable experience. You’re a wonderful trainer with a style that is considered as one of extreme professionalism. Pity we can’t do this for 6 months instead!

Thank you for your time an indulgence (Brandon too).



Merle Lourens
Chief Inspector-
Communications, Education & Training
2010 Ops Cape Town Traffic Services
Tel: 021 - 812 4570
Fax: 086 573 2346

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Cape Town Gasshuku

A Gasshuku, under the auspices of the WKO (World Kumite Organisation) was held on the 11-13 of December 2015 in Cape Town.